Monday 18 January 2016

Christmas - New Year (part 2)


As promised, here I am with part 2 of my Christmas - New Year post.

On the 29th of December my boyfriend and I landed in London at lunch time. After picking up a few things from his flat we travelled over to his parents' house in Hampstead, where we continued what seems to be becoming a New Years tradition of our's. We went for a walk in Hampstead Heath, just as we had done the previous year. I love the Heath. There are always people walking around with their dogs, I wish I could bring Cognac over to London and join them. It was a particularly windy day, so there were also a few people on parliament hill flying kites. The light was perfect on that day, and I managed to grab this photos. I love the silhouette of the trees and people against the sky.

On the 30th of December we made the journey up to Norfolk. Nothing else to report here.

For the final day in 2015, 31st of December, we went to Cromer and took a nice, long walk along the seaside. Luck was on our side, as it was an unseasonably lovely day. The sunniest day of the entire vacation as it turned out. In the next few photographs I would like to take you with us on the walk we did that day.

I hope you enjoy this little collection of photographs. It's been a while since I used my actual camera and not my iPhone. I should really try to do this more often.

After the walk we went to No1 in Cromer for a late lunch/early dinner before the New Year's Eve party. The order of the group was: cockle popcorn, steamed prawn dumpling, crab and spring onion fritters, mini chorizo sausages, 4 fish 'n' chips of the day and 2 No1's poor boy sandwiches.
Full and happy of the day we went back to the rented cottage to get ready for the party at the Gunton Arms. Little did I suspect as I put on my makeup for the evening that I would meet the Pixiwoo sisters, who designed those very makeup brushes, at the party. The party was circus themed and accompanied by some swingy music all evening. We found a good spot close to the stage, so we did not miss the cabaret numbers and the band Swing Zazou who took the guests of the party swinging into the new year.

New Year's day (happy new year to everyone!) by tradition means afternoon tea for my boyfriend's family, so we went to the Dales Country House Hotel for some tea and scones. Before and after that we just chilled at the cottage.

On the 2nd of January we decided to go to visit the town of Holt. It's a really cute town with several "yards" and a lot of antique shops. Sadly the weather wasn't too great that day. On the way back to the cottage my boyfriend and I decided to walk the last mile as I wanted to take a photo of a pheasant. Sadly no pheasants for that mile, but at least we saw some sheep and from far away also some does.

I'm sorry, that it tooks so long to upload this post.

Have a good one.

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